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From Engage Millennials to Teach Everyone to Lead

Engaging millennials is one of the most frequently mentioned leadership challenges.  This results from common leadership mindsets that view young employees through the lens of their own generation, and don’t recognize the potential value their generational differences bring to the organization.

We need to turn this Millennials paradigm on its head.  Rather than approaching generations differently or trying to motivate millennials to assimilate, effective leaders recognize that amidst the heightened pace of change, greater uncertainty, and technology-based transformation of today’s workplace, its not just millennials that need to adapt to work, we all do.

Building Next-Gen Leaders for a VUCA World

ILT: 1 day
VILT: One 2-Hour Session
Audience: First- and mid-level leaders
Purpose:  Support leaders to reframe their thinking about the new generations in the workplace, embracing their value and teaching them to lead in today’s digital age. 

Learning Outcomes
  • Recognize and address Generational Myopia as a way of understand origins of generational bias
  • Reframe the generational conversation to focus on workplace adaptations opposed to diversity
  • Assess current generational climate of the organization
  • Increase engagement by generating opportunities for inter-generational collaboration
  • Identify a game plan to build a culture that leverages generational diversity for success in a VUCA world
Key Concepts/Tools

The Bigger Picture: Coaching for Building Next-Gen Leadership Capacity, a 3-Month Learning Journey