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From Coping to Resilience

Resilience is the ability of a person, group, process, or system to adapt to unexpected shocks and accomplish what was intended. For a person, that means not only accomplishing their objectives, but protecting their emotional and physical well-being.

Much of the effort to help people with workplace stress has been focused on providing ways to refresh, renew, and reenergize.  While helpful, efforts to take people away from workplace stressors (e.g., increased or unlimited PTO) are not sufficient. At times, they can even exacerbate stress if time away is overshadowed by laptops, devices, and meetings that “just can’t be missed,” or the alternative:  returning from a work-free holiday to the stresses of hundreds of unanswered e-mails and unfulfilled requests.

Building resilience is about more than renewal; it’s about building the muscles people and teams need to respond to workplace stressors, even the unexpected ones, differently. That requires working with the stressor rather than avoiding it, and leveraging the learning—making it part of how the team operates—so the team is more adaptable when the next stressor comes along. 

Leveraging Stress: Creating a Learning Culture

ILT: 1-day
Audience: All levels of leaders
Purpose:  Support leaders to help themselves and their teams leverage workplace stress, not just to cope with it, by building adaptability through embracing, exploring and learning from stressors

Learning Outcomes
  • Gain insight and skill into transforming unproductive workplace stress into a positive force
  • Use a blame-free approach to failure that promotes continuous improvement
  • Create a workplace culture that supports experimentation and learning
  • Engage teams in root-cause discovery discussions
  • Look for and support opportunities for teams to experiment and learn
Key Concepts/Tools

The Bigger Picture: Leading for Resilience Leadership Behaviors

The Bigger Picture: Leading for Resilience 3-Month Blended Learning Journey