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From Simplifying Complexity to Harnessing Complexity

Matrixed organizations are not new; we’ve been talking about managing in the matrix for a few years now. But things are more complex these days. Getting work done in the increasingly boundary-less business world we’re experiencing can be overwhelming, as familiar ways of doing things are no longer effective.  People become paralyzed because it seems too hard and too risky to try to get things done, just at a time when bolder and faster action is more important than ever to remain competitive.

In the past, we taught people how to behave cooperatively—and even collaboratively—across organization silos.  Getting work done today requires networks of formal and informal groups to behave collaboratively, quickly creating real synergy that achieves more than the sum of the parts.

Leading in the Digital Matrix: Adaptive Execution

ILT: 1 day
Audience:  Mid-level leaders
Purpose:  Helps leaders execute effectively across complex organizational boundaries

Learning Outcomes
  • Effectively engage diverse stakeholders in decision making
  • Accelerate execution of strategy across organizational boundaries
Key Concepts/Tools

The Bigger Picture: Leading in the Digital Matrix Leadership Behaviors

The Bigger Picture: Leading in the Digital Matrix, a 3-Month Blended Learning Journey

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