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From Change Behavior to Influence Behavior

Command-and-control works fine when we don’t need people to use judgment or creativity, and the consequences of deviation are really high, like people go to jail or get hurt.  However, those are not the characteristics of most organizations today.  With knowledge work on the rise, organizations need people to experiment and innovate every day, and in those environments, command and control has limited success.

Motivation, by which we mean providing employees with penalties and rewards, usually financial ones, can work when the employees have a very narrow set of responsibilities, they are willing to take on performance risk, and, again, they don’t have to use judgment and creativity. That doesn’t apply to most knowledge workers either. 

Inspirational leadership gets touted by many, but in fact, it really only helps episodically, and not for the vast majority of employee behaviors we care about in any environment, whether knowledge work or manual labor. 

Command-and-control, motivation, and inspiration tactics have their place, but they are very limited in a knowledge work place. 

By contract, relying on influence works very well in most circumstances, including ultimately letting the employees decide which behaviors they should adopt.

Influencing Behavior: Enable New Behaviors

ILT: 1 day
Audience:  All levels of leaders
Purpose:  Builds leaders’ understanding of how to use influence to help others respond positively to requests for behavior change

Learning Outcomes
  • Clarify how the brain creates natural resistance to change
  • Identify five social factors that leaders can use to enable behavior change
  • Adopt leadership behaviors that reduce social threat and amplify social rewards
  • Simplify and clarify behavior changes
Key Concepts/Tools

The Bigger Picture: Influencing Behavior in the Digital Age Leadership Behaviors

The Bigger Picture: Influencing Behavior, a 3-Month Blended Learning Journey