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From Focus on Individuals to Focus on Teams

Our nearly 50 years of research and experience working with leaders has revealed one constant truth: leadership is hard. It always has been. We may not stop to think about it much, but we expect a lot from leaders, every moment of every day. And while leadership has always been challenging, it has become even more so thanks to digital-age forces such as the pace of change, the uncertainty of disruption, and the increased complexity of work and organizations.

Of course, high-quality leaders at every level remain critical, as more and more leadership moments happen among employees?especially those without supervisory responsibilities. Our traditional emphasis on hierarchy makes sense when the system is rules based, relies on specialization of labor, and information and direction comes from the supervisor. Today, though, most employees?especially knowledge workers?must exercise a high degree of judgment as they encounter novel situations in their everyday work. They have to collaborate effectively in teams, not just to get work done, but to reinvent how work happens.

Leadership in the digital age is a team sport.   We need to shift away from the ?manager-as-hero? model to one of shared leadership and co-creation within teams. The collective knowledge and capability in teams makes them better positioned to deliver high-quality work, sense emerging problems and opportunities, create innovative solutions, and identify and enforce their own standards.

Becoming a High Performing Team

ILT: 1 day
Audience:  Intact teams and their leaders
Purpose:  Support leaders and their teams to increase their effectiveness in communication, collaboration

Learning Outcomes
  • Identifying which of the Stages of Team Development the team currently sits
  • Describing the collective purpose of the team
  • Explaining how the work of each colleague contributes to the team purpose

Key Concepts/Tools

The Bigger Picture: Becoming a High Performing Team Behavior Model

The Bigger Picture: Becoming a High-Performing Team, 3-Month Blended Learning Journey